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Process Colour
Through the innovative combination of technology and resources harnessed from both the print and signage industries LabelMAN offers clients a quality cost effective solution for short to medium volume print runs of full colour self-adhesive labels.

Labels are printed to a high graphical standard typically using pigment or UV inks applied to a wide range of media including outdoor synthetics delivering labels that are suitable for long life outdoor applications. Also available are self-adhesive paper options including brown paper stock as well as the renowned Rockstock – the stone paper that rocks!

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If you’re not familiar with printing but would like some basic understanding of what process colour versus spot colour entails the following may assist –

Process colour printing utilises a 4-colour ink system, which can then be built to achieve this range:
Colour 1 Colour 2 Colour 3 Result
None None None White
Cyan None None Cyan
Yellow None None Yellow
Magenta None None Magenta
Magenta Yellow None Red
Cyan Magenta None Blue
Cyan Yellow None Green
Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

From there further colours are built by clustering ink dots into pixels, in a process termed halftoning, like this:

Resulting in the CMYK colour gammut:

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