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U-Stickit™ Small Signage
“we’ll print it if you stick it”

LabelMAN combines ink, media and printing technologies from both print and signage industries. The resultant coupling of UV colourfast ink and media in conjunction with automated processing means LabelMAN is able to offer competitively priced outdoor stickers and signs that are able to withstand extended exposure to outdoor conditions.

Quality 3-year to 5-year PVC media coupled with UV colourfast inks ensures signage that well outlasts polypropylene media printed with standard printer’s ink and a UV varnish finish, typically the difference is years for PVC compared to months for polypropylene before ink fading and polypropylene de-laminating starts to occur.

Both for our own customers and as a wholesale provider to the print trade LabelMAN has printed significant quantities of stickers and small signage for the security and service industries with numerous repeat customers for nigh on 20 years.

For self-applied signage A4 size and above an air release media is recommended to assist minimising air bubbles being trapped under the media when signs are applied.

Larger signs are rolled on cardboard cores with an outer layer of bubble-wrap for protection in transit for delivery via courier.

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