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At LabelMAN we are committed to delivering quality, cost effective solutions for your labelling requirements through innovative utilisation of cutting edge digital technologies - Quick! Quality! Affordable!

For those who just want their labels produced and the process of how that happens is irrelevant jump to our Quote Request page now.

However if you’re in the planning stages and want wanting to know a bit more about what’s on offer the following may be of some assistance.

The bulk of our printing is produced with pigment ink printed onto self-adhesive PVC media. Gloss white is the most common option but matte white, gloss clear and gloss colours are also available. Because gloss white accounts for the bulk of our printing we buy the media in large quantities thereby enjoying competitive pricing making this the cheapest option, where exposed white is not desired options are available including contoured shapes and screening background colour over the base white stock.

All printing starts out on roll and depending on the requirements finished labels are supplied as either singles, sheets or rolls. Additional considerations could include adhesive strength, block-out backing to prevent show through from underneath and whether clean-peel adhesive is required. Most media sourced from the signage supply chain has clean-peel adhesive as standard but this is not available on all media.

For those wanting something with a little more punch, check out our Next Level Label options.

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