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Whilst Classic Labels is the mainstay of LabelMAN®’s product range Next Level Labels is an exciting and highly valued addition.

Next Level Labels are produced on our state-of –the-art UV printer (which as configured would be one of the few in New Zealand).

As well as being loaded with the mandatory CMYK inks this printer also boasts double white and double clear inks. The white can be throttled from 10% through to 200% loading for a single pass and the clear can be cured as either gloss or matte finish for highlighting or high build.

This coupled with the UV printer’s ability to lay down 5 separate ink layers in a single pass and do up to 7 passes on a single print ensures some truly stunning print capabilities, an example would be full colour single or double sided labels incorporating white under-print and/or clear gloss spot highlighting or high build such as the double sided door sign or double sided smiley sticker for glass doors and windows.

The 5 layer option produces the likes of our smiley face labels which are printed on clear with the bottom face, a white layer, a block-out layer, a second white layer and the top face all being printed in a single pass. The multiple pass capability allows building the clear layer up to achieve a significant degree of raised high build. These capabilities coupled with a diverse range of media substrates ensures unprecedented print capabilities which are delivered in both sheet and roll formats.
Current media includes both matte and gloss options in white, coloured or clear 3yr – 5yr PVC’s as well as white or mirror-coat silver polypropylene, Rocktack, laid brown paper and gloss white paper.

In addition to being a production workhorse this printer has also allowed us to undertake a number of projects for a large NZ manufacturer where sophisticated labels have been produced for pre-release product prototypes thereby enabling the customer early access to marketing samples for pre-production customer presentation and marketing photoshoots. Due to commercial sensitivity I am negotiating in the hope of being able to include photos of some of these labels in the near future but I can honestly say the labels are sophisticated and truly stunning, partly due to design and partly due to print capabilities.

At LabelMAN® a strong emphasis is placed on R&D meaning new media and printing techniques are constantly being assessed thereby ensuring LabelMAN® remains at the forefront of label providers for the SME market.

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