About LabelMAN, Label & Decal Print Specialists, New Zealand

About Us

With a comprehensive range of digital label printing and production technologies, and over twenty years of extensive research and development, LabelMan is one of New Zealand's leading short and medium run label printers.

Our turnaround times are superb, with most jobs shipping within 3 - 5 business days following order confirmation.

Being 100% digital means no expensive plates or dies are required, and we can commence printing your correct artwork (that meets our Artwork Specifications) with minimal setup time.

This translates directly into both faster turnaround times and significant customer savings, in both short print runs and large print runs involving variable content.

At LabelMan we run high quality stock in both sheet and roll form to create custom labels, stickers and decals that are robust, weatherproof and UV colourfast.

"Through our cutting edge digital technology and conversion capabilities, we are committed to delivering quality, timely and cost effective solutions for your self adhesive label requirements." - Phil Walding, director of LabelMan.

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